Digital Health Tools Transforming the Daily Mission of Nurses
Barcelona, 11th May 6pm, AXA Auditori

Free session but registration needed. Just a few seats left. 
Follow the session in live streaming here:

- That session is a satellite event of Health 2.0 Europe, international health conference taking place in Barcelona on 10-12th May. Nurses and Healthcare professionals get 60% discount on Health 2.0 Europe's registration (ticket = 250 euros). Email to register. -

are on the frontline of patient care. Health 2.0, in collaboration with AQuAS will be hosting a session focused on how Health 2.0 solutions can impact nurses' daily duties, increase their responsibilities, transform their interactions with doctors and improve the patient experience.

This session will bring together empowered nurses using digital tools, entrepreneurs developping digital solutions, as well as physicians working with nurses, to share experiences from around Europe and showcase live demos of solutions.

The panel with be moderated by Tiago Vieira Pinto, Family Nurse in Portugal and member of the Advisory Board of EFPC (European Forum for Primary Care). 
He will be joined by Dr Chris Farmer, consultant and responsible for information technology in East Kent Hospital (UK) and by Tracey Koo Clavensjö, nurse manager at Uppsala University Hospital Burn Center (Sweden) who will demo how she is using the Microsoft Surface Hub in her daily activities.

Several entrepreneurs will be demoing their solutions developed by or for nurses:

. Marc Fortes from Colegi de Enfermera de Barcelona will demo Infermera Virtual, an app developped by nurses to give consumers access to health-related information and advises.

. Simo Hännikkälä from Nursebuddy will showcase their care management system that facilitates communication between all the stakeholders in the home care loop.

. Chrysanth Sulzberger and Manuel Studer from Imito will demo their app which enables nurses to use their smartphone for secure clinical photography and wound measurement.

. Unai Maguregui Olabarria from  Savac will introduce their management software which empowers nurses to enhance efficiency and sharing quality information to provide the best patientcare

. Bartley O'Connor from PatientPharma will demo their asyncronic video conference app for nurses to monitor their patients through videos  messages.
. Carlos Martinez from nursing school Gimbernat will present their unique entrepreneurship program that prepares nurses to be entrepreneurs.

We are looking forward to seeing you on May 11th.
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